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Best only rotating jets From CMP USA

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Experience the quality of Czech spas made in Europe EU


NEWS! After years of exploration and testing dozens of jets from different manufacturers we are producing our spas with jets from CMP USA since September 2016 only. They have a beautiful, timeless design and they are very powerful.

We design our spas with an emphasis on ergonomics and your requirements using various types of jets. Placement of jets is controled by professional therapists and specialists.

We use the best components as  GECKO control unit + panel, LUCITE acrylic, CG-AIR, WATERWAY pumps, CMP jets, BALBOA etc. We can also manufacture your custom spa mould.

We can produce the spa within 15 – 30 working days. All parts on the stock.

You are welcome to visit our factory and watch your spa being made!

There are many reasons why people buy a hot tub. Massage, pain relief, entertainment – but often, our customers’ experiences are even better than they had ever imagined.

The real benefits of taking a daily dip in your spa might surprise you too. IDOL SPAS offer best hydromassage, and directional water jets in combination with an energy-efficient temperature control system to create the perfect spa for relaxation.

We manufacture the spas with passion.

You can see our spas and factory  also on youtube.


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See our spas in the biggest showroom in the Czech republic


You can see and try our whirpools on an area of 500 square meters.

We will explain the differences between spas and recommend the best one according to your requirements.

Address: Zděbradská 56, Jažlovice 251 01, Czech Republic