Guide – how to buy a spa

When buying goods, including hot tubs, for everyone is important something else. In this area, the customer decided according to various factors. Among the most common are: the shape and overall design whirlpools, layout and type of seats, finally, plays an important role in price. An important factor for the selection but also the manufacturer. People should be interested in the company, which he sells hot tub and if it also provides service. We’ve put together for you a few tips that could help you in deciding to purchase a hot tub (sometimes whirlpool, Jacuzzi), whether you decide in any way.


The company and its history

Dealers whirlpools today is a lot. Indeed, as sellers of other products. However, if in water technologies do not have much experience, you should focus on the retailer that will guarantee service and hot tubs. From experience, we would advise: buy hot tubs only from established companies that are in the market for a longer period of time (at least 5-6 years). Numerous companies in the hot tubs worked only 2-3 years and then abruptly ceased its activities. Their customers have come about warranty service and hustling assistance and spare parts for your hot tub elsewhere, of course, no guarantee these benefits. Do not buy just the picture, but also by the vendor and its hinterland.



At the initial selection of hot tubs, try to avoid the established motto: ,, What is cheap, it is the poor that is expensive, it is rush hour. “Prices whirlpools on the market can certainly see that ye be not large fluctuations between sellers surprise. Research equipment and whirlpools, if you already comparing models among themselves.


Shell – (acrylic)

The shell is completely visible and especially the first part of the hot tub, which we are looking at. But not all acrylics are of the same quality. There are three main manufacturers of acrylic color in the world: 1) USA – Aristech 2) USA – Lucite 3) The Chinese company which acrylate is used apparently only in hot tubs manufactured in China. Most manufacturers in the world, even in China uses American companies. If you want quality acrylic we recommend you to buy Lucite or Aristech and if you have a problem with acrylic, you should first contact the experienced dealer who solves the problem professionally.

Unfortunately  there were many whirlpools of poor quality acrylic from China on the European market. Unfortunately it happens that those who sell hot tub have no idea that it is made from other acrylic than Lucite or Aristech. Even professional sellers do not recognize it. It can be recognized after only two years of use. When the bubbles apear, the acrylic will break.

Another problem is in production technology. There is a few manufacturers worldwide which apply barrier code and Skin code on acrylic. Barrier code ensures the best possible grip and in the future no problems with the spa shell. Chinese whirlpools even with the USA acrylate used do not apply this to save money at first place. Therefore, even the best acrylate is not smooth acrylate. But if you compare Compas pool and other manufacturers of pools, everyone will tell you what is the difference after a few years. Compass uses both. Barrier and Skin code.

We use only the finest acrylics from Lucite, and the barrier code from Raichold.

Photo of bubbles in China’s hot tub after half a year of use. Of course you can ask about the complaint. But if you have with whom. Several companies have been only a year on the market and sent the company into liquidation rather than to resolve the complaint.

Vady akrylátuproblem akrylatu cinske virivky2        problem akrylatu cinske virivky

The control panel and control unit

The best manufacturers according to our proven experience: the Balboa USA, Canada Gecko.

If you want to be in peace, choose a hot tub, which has a control system and electronics Balboa or Gecko. Chinese Control systems are easy to jam and let prove to be starting the pump and then it turns out like this. Therefore, these control systems, if possible, avoid. if you still resist on Chinese whirlpools, choose the main control system Balboa, Gecko, Waterway, Davey.

Chinese spas control system Etink

destroyed spas because worng chinese electronic


In the beginning, there was isolation of acrylic only. It has almost every hot tub already. If not, it is suitable for  interior only. Isolation is the most visible part of spas, but poorly treated isolation can cause trouble in the winter time. Especially be aware of isolation when placed outdoors.



The pumps vary by output and consumption. There are pumps, which consume large amounts of energy, but does not make adequate output. The difference can be up to three times of electricity consumption. it comes with the longevity of the pumps. The best and most widely used pumps are according Gecko Waterway, Balboa.



It is proved that hydromassage is the best way how to relax your muscles. Water uphold us, relaxes the whole body and water jets gently massage the muscles. As regards the material, in whirlpool nozzles are each made of plastic. Other material here can not even use

Does not really matter on the number of jets in the spa, but on their position and type.

Cheap spas have a direct jets very ofen. And sometimes even in incredible amount :o)  From our experience, the best jets are rotating. Direct jets have more pressure, but after a while it begin to itch and you have the feeling leave the spa.It is like massagist would push you in one place still. Rotating jets do what masseur. They massage the body and muscles. Now we have also jets, which you can set up to the directional and rotating – CPM USA.

In our hot tubs so we use only rotating jets in standard. We an add direct on the request.

The real manufacturer of spas

Since whirlpools are manufactured in the Czech Republic we have a full service and all parts on stock. We do service also for other brands. There are many companies and dealers of whirlpools. It is difficult to recognize true origin of the hot tub. Therefore, we recommend mainly Czech, American and Canadian whirlpools.


If you want to buy hot tub of a good quality we recommend these companies:

Idol spas, production Czech Republic

USSpa, production Czech Republic

Jacuzzi US, some models in China

Hot spring US, some models in China


How do you recognize a hot tub made in China?

Let the open hot tub and look at the pump. If there is brand LX it is a whirlpool made China for 100%. Furthermore, it can be identified by the skirt, full of cheap PVC flooring in one color.

Čerpadlo vířivky LX

chinese spa jacuzzi hot tub pump LX