Exclusive equipment IDOL SPAS

Gecko control panel in.k800

This control panel is larger than standard K500, has a larger color display, more buttons – to operate the pumps (up to 5). Compared to K500 a it remembers time when power outage. Furthermore it gives very good control of any other equipment.

Gecko control panel  in.k1000

This is a Gecko novelty of 2016. Full touch capacitive display with beautiful icons and comfort control of spa.

Control unit Balboa BP2100

Contorol Balboa BP2100 plus touch panel. It is last model of Balboa company. Full touch display with icons. Posiible to buy wifi control to control the spa from everywhere in the world.

Blower of spa – Balboa

with air jets. The ammount of air jets can be differend. Depends on the exact model. Mostly from 8 up to 12 trysek. Placement on request.

Blower – CG-Air with pre-heating

Canadian blower CG-Air is the specialist in blower systems. Some client do not like the cold air coming from air blower so we offer possibility of choice with blower 400W air pre-heating. Placement on the request.

Isolation IDOL SPAS for outdoor use

Our whirlpools both indoors and outdoors in the garden can be insulated with PUR foam and modern Al-PUR films, always in the thickness sufficient to prevent heat loss and thus the finance needed to heat water whirlpools.

Not only used isolating material, but also places that insulates are important.

Underwater LED light around circuit

In standard of each spa we have great light that changes colors according to setup. Led lights above the level in cheap spas uncomfortably shining into your eyes and shining above the water. LE light should shine under water.

Design light on the skirt of spa

It is just design thing. Colors are changeable.

Artificial stone skirt

Imitation of stone at the spa is a beautiful choice. Especially if you fit into the exterior which has stones around. Canging of colors is possible by arrangement. (sand stone gray)

PVC luxury skirt

Exclusive skirt is manufactured only from Czech materials. Quality pvc is decking by best company –  RENOL. These foils are used throughout Europe for windows, doors, facades etc. 80% of the windows in the Czech Republic are designed of golden oak. The design can be used on the cover of your spa too. Alternatively, you can choose from different colors which are sold by the RENOL company.


Fountain gives a pleasant atmosphere not only when you’re in the hot tub, but even if you are grilling near by.

Thermo cover

The cover is almost an integral part of the spa. We produce quality thermo covers of great quality leather for long-term use. We manufacture the cover in various designs, colors and thicknesses, according to your wishes.

MicroSilk – BALBOA

Water is a fundamental force of the universe. As humans we are mostly made up of water.

Early civilizations were founded on proximity and access to water.

Our planet is mostly water. Water is power. Water is beauty. Water is life. At least, that’s what they believe at Balboa. As a result they are dedicated to innovation and changing the ways you interact with water while at the same time bringing exciting new technological innovations and approaches to hydrotherapy.

Look younger.

Feel better. Increase your happiness, all with MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy for spas by Balboa Water Group.


Gecko in Touch – control you spa from the whole world

Wifi connection and spa control over the internet. Thanks to this technology you can control the spa wherever you are over the phone. Apps for Android and Iphone will also monitor when to clean the filter and more maintenance. It also allows the installation of separate buttons for running pumps whirlpool which is used mainly for commercial whirlpools. The mobile application is free.


Gecko in.stream

Gecko In stream is an advanced control system of music. Via Bluetooth you can connect your phone with a spa.

The mobile application is free.

UV lamp

Save costs on maintenance spa water. Each spa which is equipped with cartouche filtration or the sand can not be treated without chemicals. If you want to save on chemistry, get helper for your filtration – UV lamp. UV lamp affects the water directly, which disinfects by UV radiation successively.


You can scent your your spa via dispenser. We do not use dosage fragrance through the water, because it affects the quality of water.

We do not use cheap aromatherapy.



We manufacture stairs in all color of PVC luxury skirt.

Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 40 cm (width x lenght x height )