For cost savings of spa is the most important quality and efficiency of isolation. Well, we know that, and therefore we use for our whirlpools latest technology – aluminum foil and polyurethane foam.


The basis of good isolation of spa is the cover


which isolates the hot tub from above. Further release of heat insulation prevents the shells, and in particular casing and bottom.

Our whirlpools both indoors and outdoors in the garden can be insulated with PUR foam and modern Al-PUR films, always in the thickness sufficient to prevent heat loss and thus the finance needed to heat water whirlpools.

Not only used isolating material, but also places that insulates are important.

Heat is needed to be kept inside of the hot tub and therefore, we also the shell and even the bottom by alluminium foil. It basicly means, that no heat does come to waste. Only pumps that run can heat our spa about 2 degrees per hour. That is big advantage.


For owners of the spa

it means lower energy bill. Nevertheless, it is also environmental benefits, especially when you put a spa out into garden.

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