IDOL SPAS – Canadian technology Gecko

The principal control and technological element of Czech spas IDOL SPAS control panel and control unit with heater and water heating from a Canadian producer Gecko.
It is a leading manufacturer of the system of whirlpools, which exhibits high reliability in relation to the life of the device.
The control unit Gecko Y series cares for smooth and safe operation of the hot tub and is complemented by a control panel in.k500 or in.k800 with full color display for easy operation of spa.
New K1000 is a great full touch screen control system.
It is also possible to buy a global control of whirlpools over the internet.


gecko spas virivky idol touch panel

Gecko touch panel

ovladaci panel vířivky gecko k500

gecko panel in.k500

Gecko in.touch. work wide wifi control for you spas and hot tubs

Gecko in.touch. world wide wifi control

panel viřivky gecko

Gecko panel in.k800