IDOL SPAS pumps – Waterway, Balboa

The pumps are one of the most important part in the hot tub. Therefore we are testing pumps and choose from renowned brands only those that are durable, economical and of quiet performance. Our circulation pumps have a maximum consumption of 0.3 kilowatts per hour.

Massage pumps have power of 5HPS. For the pump is not so important motor power, but the processing waterwheel. This can improve performance overdraft liters of water until doubled of quality spa pumps. Performance and number of pumps can be adjust on your request.

One of the most important parts of whirlpools pumps, comparable with importance to a car engine. it is up to them  whether your massage is good, pleasing and healthful.

Our whirlpools are equipped with the highest quality pumps on the market and carefully testing before they are installed into the spa. We measure their power and consumption, performance, and of course, their durability under various operating conditions.

We use efficient pumps of world renowned brands as BALBOA or WATERWAY  –   USA



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