Filter Cleaning

  1. Once every two weeks, we should rinse the filter thoroughly and remove impurities such as skin, hair etc. At least once every three months, the filter has to be cleaned with the use of a special preparation to remove oil that is the worst contaminant for the filter and aggravates the flow of water through the filter.manual05
  1. Soak the filter in a vessel with hot water over the night. To thoroughly clean (degrease) the cartridge filter, add the preparation mentioned above.manual06
  1. After soaking the filter over the night, rinse it thoroughly in clean water. The cleaning agent absorbed inside the filter could contaminate the water, which could, at worst, be dangerous to people.manual07

When it is no longer possible to clean the cartridge filter, simply replace it with a new one. The hygienic frequency of replacing the filter should be about once a year on average. You can order cartridge filters for all hot tubs from us. We always recommend that our customers keep a spare clean filter so that the hot tub does not stay without a filter during cleaning.

If a larger load on the filtration is expected (e.g. a larger family, children…), we recommend installing sand filtration to the hot tub. It can absorb much more contamination than the cartridge filter and guarantees clean water with a lower maintenance frequency. Sand filtration is required by law when hot tubs are used in wellness studios, guesthouses, hotels… There are also other obligations of the owner that the customer needs to be informed of if he or she is planning to use the hot tub commercially.